Warmth and Charisma

Welcome to the Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall – the perfect venue for weddings and special events. If you are looking to put on an elegant affair with a mix of rustic and glamour, seating up to 250 people at tables, or more for a cocktail style event, then look no further. Your guests will be charmed as they arrive at the heritage building and then will be delighted as they enter the main hall.


Our Hall has been holding special events since 1938

Originally designed to accommodate a large influx of people, the hall was constructed using locally-sourced timber logs and labour, and cost approximately 3500 pounds. It featured huge proportions and the opening recorded 700 attendees. Dances were regular features in the ’30s and 40s and since then, it has been used as a picture theatre, dance and theatre hall by the Australian Women’s Land Army during WW2, for school shows and presentations, weddings, reception and everything else by the community.


Bright future for the Hall

Today, the Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall is managed by a dedicated local, Not For Profit Committee. Over the past five years, the Gooloogong Log Cabin has received nearly $500,000 in various grant funding, which has allowed the Committee to complete significant repairs and improvements to the hall, including upgraded bathroom facilities, repairs and extensions to the decking and roof, and the installation of a commercial kitchen. The stage has been dressed with new velvet curtains and the backstage areas have been renovated. Hire pricing is very reasonable, with the aim to cover the ongoing maintenance and yearly utility bills and continue improvements, but also to encourage the continued use of the venue.  


Please send us an overview of your special event