For the couple who would like to begin their journey together a little differently

The Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall is a versatile venue that is waiting for you to bring your personality to. Whether it’s a small sunset ceremony and drinks on the deck and lawn, or a romantic reception with a feast of all feasts inside the main hall, there are many choices to suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we arrange to have a set-up, rehearsal or recovery meal at the venue?
  • Yes! Depending on your booking choice, this can be included in, or in addition to your bump-in or bump-out times. Cooking would be organised by you and your group – note there may be additional cleaning charges
  • Do you hold more than one function at a time at the Log Cabin?
  • No, you will have exclusive use of the venue during your booking period.
  • Can I have a band perform at my event?
  • Yes, you sure can! Your band must provide us with their Public Liability information and provide their own sound equipment.
  • Can we use candles or sparklers?
  • No naked flames can be used anywhere on the premises, which means, sorry, no real candles or sparklers (battery operated LEDs are permitted and are a great alternative).
  • Where can people smoke?
  • There is no smoking allowed inside the premises. Smokers must be outside on the grass or concrete paths. There cannot be any smoking on any part of the decks. An announcement from your MC during your event is always appreciated. Cigarette butts must be collected by the patron/s.
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
  • Yes, the Log Cabin is a wheelchair friendly venue.
  • Do we need to have special insurance to hold our wedding here?
  • Yes, all weddings and functions held on site must have Public Liability Insurance coverage taken out by the patron.
  • Can we get buses and coaches to take our guests to and from the Log Cabin?
  • Yes, most of the bus services in the area have brought guests to functions here at one time or another! This is arranged directly with them, but we can provide you with the names and contact details if you need assistance.
  • Do we need to hire tables and chairs or do you supply them?
  • We have 17 tables that can comfortably seat 8 people each and 140 chairs. You can hire your own furniture for your event if you wish. 
  • Do we need to sign a Hiring Agreement to have our dates set?
  • Yes, once you have made contact with us through the Booking Availability Request Form or email, we will send you the Application for Hire Agreement and the Hall Users Guide, which outlines everything you will need to know about using the Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall. Once everything is signed, your booking will appear on our Booking Calendar. 

Please contact us with any other enquiries or for further information – we’d love to hear from you and work together to make your special day just as you’d like it.